Every year the Association must hold an annual membership meeting to conduct certain Association business, including the election of Board members. The Bylaws require that a minimum number of homeowners participate in order to conduct the meeting by returning a valid secret ballot or a Three-Year Proxy. The minimum number of homeowners needed to conduct the annual meeting is called a quorum, which is fifty percent (50%) of the owners.

Multiple attempts to achieve a quorum are expensive because of the cost of duplicating and mailing election materials and having our General Manager, legal counsel and the Inspector of Elections attend each attempted meeting. As you would expect, it is we and our fellow VPCA homeowners who pay for these additional costs. So please sign and return the enclosed Three-year proxy even if you have done so, or think you may have done so, in the past year or two years.

This Three-Year Proxy will be used only for the purpose of establishing a quorum, and for no other purposes: you retain the right to vote at all elections (by voting in person at the meetings, or by signing and returning the secret ballot mailed to you prior to each meeting).

09 09 19 Three-year Proxy Form cover letter

2020-2022 Three-Year Proxy