As of January 1, 2021, VPCA dues are $265.00 per month.  Please check your account balance to make sure your account is current.

If you do not have your statement and need to mail a check, please mail your check to VPCA, P.O. Box 15067, Santa Ana, CA 92735.  This P.O. box is administered by our operating bank, U.S. Bank.   Remember to write your account number (V300-…) on your check!  Without this number, checks unaccompanied by a payment stub may not be credited to the correct account.  Do not mail or drop off checks to the VPCA office.  Doing so will delay credit and can result in late fees.

If you do not have Account Access through this website, the VPCA office can supply you with your account # and / or a current statement.


How to get peace of mind knowing your monthly VPCA assessment will be paid on time by using one of these available automatic payment methods:

 Bank-pay pushes money from your selected bank account to your VPCA account. Set up this type of recurring payment through your bank.  The bank’s bill-paying service typically deducts the money from your checking or savings account and then uses a check-cutting service to print and mail a physical check to Village Park Community Association.  Some bill paying services charge for this process.

Note: the Association may receive your bank-pay check many days AFTER the funds have been deducted from your bank account, so the initial deduction date should be comfortably backed out from the on-time cut off day, which is 15th of the month for assessments due on the 1st that month. As well, with this system the check is not accompanied by the billing stub: you’ll need to verify that the bank has and includes the correct owner name, address and VPCA account number on its checks or posting may not happen or be delayed.  Late fees caused by improper payment scheduling or lack of proper identifying information on checks are the responsibility of the homeowner.  Please make sure that your bill paying service has the mailing address as Village Park Community Association, P.O. Box 15067, Santa Ana, CA 92735.

Automatic Clearing House (ACH) is VPCA’s alternative for making automatic payments.  With ACH, VPCA electronically deducts the assessment amount (only) each month from your designated checking or savings account. By avoiding the US postal service and third-party vendors, on-time payments are assured. As well, payments are generally deducted on the same day each month.  Enrollment is easy: just complete and return our one-page enrollment form with a copy of a voided check from your designated account.  A link to the Form is below this message.  Forms are also available from the VPCA office.  The program will be active for your next billing cycle if the completed information is received by the 15th of the previous month.  We encourage you to take advantage of this convenient system.